Motivation is Overrated

Motivation? No…Commitment to a cause and discipline? Yes

Are you always motivated to get up and go to work, or to do the housework or school run? Probably not, but you do it anyway right? It’s the same with exercise, whatever your goal or challenge it is going to be very difficult to remain motivated all the time no matter how much you want to achieve something. And therein is your answer…

It is not always possible to be motivated and have loads of energy to get on and do something, whether that’s fitness related or not, yet motivation is a something that receives a lot of credit or blame for not completing a or even starting a task, when in fact it has nothing to do with it. Whether your motivated or not a task will not magically complete itself. When it comes to going to work whether we are motivated or not we go, so why do we blame not starting exercise, cooking a nice/healthy meal, or cleaning the house etc on being un-motivated? Simple answer! It puts the blame on something other than us.

It would be extremely easy to give up with the school holidays upcoming and the challenges that childcare comes with when school’s out. But no matter what the challenges children give you a reason to get up and keep you focused. I am not saying it is easy because at times there will be tantrums, arguments, and point-blank refusals to do as asked. But still, motivated, or not you carry on and try your best to get them going.

Lifestyle should be treated the same, there should not be constant excuses to not exercise or lead a healthier lifestyle. Having children should not be used as an excuse to be lazy and not exercise, it should be treated as the opposite and give us the drive to get out and get active. Whether you exercise for mental or physical benefits does not matter, as it will improve both aspects over time. Whether you use exercise to get some peace away from the house or to get the family active and out, we should not use motivation or lack of it to stop us.

I am not always motivated and on more than a few occasions I have not wanted to go for a run I had planned or hit the weights, I have not always wanted to make the good meals but most of the time I get on with it and go as Whether I wanted to start or not, by the time I am finished I always feel a million times better.

It is about commitment to a cause and an element of discipline; Do I always eat perfectly? No, I do not but I am aware that if I have a bad day or two of nutrition or training then I get back on with it. I do not dwell on it and spiral like I did in the past and that is the difference between success and failure, and not just when it comes to fitness. In every walk of life there is success and failure, it is simply the way we deal with it that defines the outcome. If you lapse and there is a strong possibility you will, do not dwell and feel bad about it, accept it, and move on. Like the saying “you’ve got to get back on the horse” if you never try you may never fail but you will also never succeed.

Hopefully if you have been less than active or struggle to motivate then you can set some goals or targets and have something to aim for and can get back into the swing of things. As I mentioned everyone has blips and the last couple of years have been a big blip for a lot of people, we just need to remember to pull ourselves out of it and drive forward in a positive manner and focus on mindset.

Get healthy, start with easy meals and a walk. Get active, it does not need to be anything crazy to start. Get Positive, train your mind to see the good and not the negatives.